Be Our Guest - Outdoor Party Ice Breakers and Games

Inspired by Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Be Our Guest, Summer Casual invites you on a 3-part series featuring Outdoor Dinner Parties. Follow along for ideas and tips on hosting a fun dinner party.

Lets get the party started with some icebreakers!


Ask Me About... - Upon arrival, have each guest pick a pre-made nametag and wear it on their shirt. Guests can easily approach each other and strike up interesting conversations based off of the name tag topics.

You can write the topics on the nametags or find a printable template online.

M&M Game – Have fun getting to know people, while satisfying your chocolate craving. Give each guest a handful of M&Ms. Each color represents a topic they will share with others.

Giant Beer Pong – Like regular beer pong x10! Grab some drinks and aim high with this giant outdoor version your guests will be raving about. (P.S. Jimmy Fallon approves! Watch Jimmy v. Nina Dobrev)
Outdoor Twister – Bring back the good ol’ childhood days with an outdoor version of Twister. You can easily DIY your own Twister board in the backyard.

Giant Jenga – Jenga is a classic. “Wow!” your guests with this massive tower, but be careful not to knock it over!

Have some fun in the sun and play these icebreakers and games outdoors. We, at Summer Casual, love playing games on the patio and recommend the Pembrey Collection for outdoor fun and games. 

Pembrey Collection
Sold @ the Home Depot

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