Patio Dining: Around the World

Summer is full of an exhilarating energy that compels people to hop on the next flight and spontaneously travel the world. Maybe its the never-ending sunshine. Maybe its the institution of "summer vacation". Or, maybe, we're just under the wanderlust spell.

Friends journey off to tropical islands, lush rainforests, chic countrysides and charming cities. As vacation pictures flood social media, a familiar feeling leaves you wishing you were there - in that dream destination.

Beat the vacation blues and bring those dream destinations to your backyard by hosting an Around the World potluck. Food is a universal language and it unites different cultures, as we gather around the table to share a delicious meal. An Around the World potluck is a fun way to sample dishes without traveling overseas.

Image from IKEA

Ask guests to bring a staple dish from their homeland. Or, opt to write different countries down on sheets of paper and let friends draw for a country to cook a dish for. With appetizers, entrées, desserts and beverages, it can be overwhelming what to pick. So, fear not, let our selection of dishes inspire you.

Greece- Spanakopita from The Mediterranean Dish
Mexico- Tostadas from Simply Recipes
Taiwan- Scallion Pancakes from The Kitchn
Singapore- Street Noodles from Serious Eats
Argentina- Empanadas from Bon Apetit
France- Crème Brûlée from NYT Cooking
Turkey- Kofta from The Kitchn
Nigeria- Jollof from Nigerian Lazy Chef

Decorate the room with printable world flags.
Hang them on a string and put it up as a banner,
or label each dish with the corresponding flag. Get creative with it!

With a potluck this big, you'll need a large table with ample seating. The Plaza Mayor Dining Set features a large table, ideal for arranging all the dishes on. The set offers wide chairs and seat cushions for comfort. So, gather 'round and experience a little bit of Italy, France, Taiwan, Ethiopia, Brazil, Kenya as you taste each dish and let the flavors transport you around the world.

Plaza Mayor Dining Set features: 1 dining table, 2 swivel chairs, 4 stationary chairs
Available online at The Home Depot.


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