Stay Cool Top to Bottom

Avoid the summer heat under foot and over top with cooling outdoor area rugs and patio umbrellas. This is the perfect time of year to sit out and get some fresh air. But without shade it can be just soooooooooo hot. And, as we all know, it's important to protect our skin from too much sun exposure, especially in the afternoon.

There are so many beautifully designed outdoor rugs and umbrellas available these days. No matter what your personal taste there are looks-a-plenty for you! Here are a three Summer Casual suggestions of pairings for your outdoor space - one bistro, one chat set and one dining set.

Alveranda Bistro with Standard Periwinkle Cushions
This is such a bright and cheery patio set! The added pop of bright green gives cool color depth to this patio ensemble. Summer Casual recommends a rug that is at least 5x8 feet to fit the bistro set comfortably.
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Catalina Chat Set with Beige Cushions
The vintage style Catalina Chat Set easily creates a relaxing place to be. Summer Casual recommends both a large umbrella and rug in order to fully shade the area.
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Pembrey 8-Seat Dining Set
Classic style and easy entertaining are what the Pembrey Dining Collection is all about. The 8-Seat Dining Set is the largest available and can comfortably seat 8 guests. Summer Casual suggests a rug at least 9x12' and a large umbrella for the perfect amount of cool.
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Want to Stay Really Cool?
Make an EZ & Tasty Granita to Enjoy on the Patio! Click HERE for some excellent recipes.

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