Be Our Guest Pt. 2 – Falling for Table Settings

Welcome back to Be Our Guest, our 3-part series featuring Outdoor Dinner Parties!

Our first Be Our Guest post taught you how to entertain guests with fun & games. Now, you’re an expert and excited to host a dinner party…except, the thoughts remain, “How do I set the table and perfect the ‘fancy dinner party’ look?” and “How do I create a table fit for fall?

You might wonder what items you need to set an alluring dinner table. Below are some tips and products to inspire and help you prepare for the event.

Such a small detail, yet a very important aspect to pay attention to when setting the table. For a creative and personal touch, try matching them to the theme/occasion.

To learn how to fold an elegant napkin check out Bumble Bee Linens -

Tip: Elevate a napkin ring by adding a decorative item or try a napkin fold to fancy things up. For dishes, opt for a color that matches the occasion. Orange, red, brown, yellow, and neturals are ideal for fall.

Centerpieces range in a plethora of sizes and styles. As the center of attention, it ties together all elements on the table for an overall polished look. Go the traditional route with a fabric table runner or get creative and arrange your own with a combination of leaves, flowers, pinecones, candles, pumpkin, etc.

Tip: The more rustic/nature-inspired, the more fitting for fall. Also, if you want to look extra fancy, do a combination with the table runner as your base & the other additional centerpieces arranged on top. You’ll look like a pro!

Keep it simple with a few decorations or go crazy and adorn your table with every fall item you can find. Decorations contribute largely to the dining atmosphere. Whether small or big, few or many, decorations are the cherry on top to table settings.

Fox Plushes: Available in store@ at OrchardSupply Hardware
Owl Figurine: Available in-store @ OrchardSupply Hardware
Autumnal Decorative Fruit: Available in-store @ Orchard Supply Hardware
Autumnal Lantern: Available online @ the Home Depot
Pumpkin Figurine: Available in-store @ OrchardSupply Hardware

Decorative Gourds: Available in-store or for in-store shipping @ the Home Depot

Burlap Pumpkin: Available in-store at the Home Depot
Tip: Use any item you can find that creates the theme of the dinner party. For fall, we love decorating the table with pumpkins, fall animals (owls, foxes, turkey), fall fruits (apples, figs, pears), and autumn leaves.

Now that you have your basic tips and fall inspiration, consider a perfect table for outdoor entertaining - the Pembrey at the Home Depot. Pembrey Dining sets are versatile and available in sets that seat 2, 4, 6 and 8.

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